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£50,000 award to mother after ectopic pregnancy blunder at Croydon's Mayday hospital

A woman says Mayday Hospital has drastically reduced her chances of becoming a mother after she had to have major surgery because they mistook her baby for a cyst.

Karen McKellar has now been awarded around £50,000 from the hospital in an out of court settlement after health chiefs admitted mistakes were made when they treated her.

The 36-year-old went into hospital in April 2004, after she started to bleed heavily when she was six weeks pregnant.

She said "I spent a week in hospital and was scanned. They told me I'd miscarried and scraped out what they thought were the remains of the foetus from my womb.

"It was very distressing. It was my third loss of a baby as I'd already miscarried twice."

Karen, who lives near Norwood Junction station, was released from hospital and took three weeks off work.

She returned to her job as a chef but had to be rushed to hospital when she nearly passed out.

It was only then that she was diagnosed with an ectopic pregnancy - where the baby develops outside the womb and inside a fallopian tube.

She had to have an operation so her left tube could be removed.

Karen believes this tube would never have needed to have been removed if medics had originally discovered she was suffering from an ectopic pregnancy.

Although the baby would not have survived developing outside the womb, Karen sued the hospital because of the trauma she suffered.

She said: "I've been told my chances of conceiving naturally are very slim.

"I feel in my heart of hearts what has happened has halved my chances of getting pregnant again because I now only have one fallopian tube.

"I was six weeks pregnant at the time and I don't understand how with modern technology and scanners, they could mistake my baby for a cyst."

If the baby had continued to grow outside her womb it could eventually have killed her.

In her original letter of complaint to the hospital, she wrote: "To suffer the loss of a child once is hard to deal with.

"However, to be told later that I was still pregnant and had to go through the loss of my child for the second time is harder than you can imagine."

Karen wants to use her payout for IVF treatment so she can have another try for a child.

A court hearing over the case was due to take place in June this year but Mayday settled out of court.

This week, a spokeswoman said: "Mayday Healthcare NHS Trust acknowledges that there was a delay in the diagnosis and treatment of Ms McKellar's condition in 2004.

"We apologise to Ms McKellar for any distress that this caused.

"A settlement has been agreed and a written apology will be sent to Ms McKellar."

Created: 02/02/2009
Categories: Birth injury

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